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Historic Gracie Mansion Apartments





Located in the historic area of Little Rock known as the Quapaw Quarter, this apartment community is within walking distance of the central business area and Rivermarket District. The historic mansion has been fully restored and renovated, complete with modern amenities like granite counters, combo washer/dryer, new flooring and much more.

Door to one of the Gracie Mansion Apartments

This three acre property was originally purchased by Absalom Fowler in 1837 and the mansion built as his residence in 1840.  Fowler was a successful attorney and one of Arkansas’ leading political figures. Upon his death in 1859 the property was sold a couple of times. The last owner, who used the mansion as a residence, was the Gracie family.  The Catholic Diocese purchased the mansion in 1923 from the Gracie’s and used it for St. Andrews Catholic School and Day Care Center until 1976.

Entertaining area with swimming pool, deck, and barbeque grills


In the late 1970’s it was purchased by a local developer who surrounded the antebellum mansion with apartment buildings designed to ensure compatibility with the mansion and a pool was added.  The mansion was renovated into six apartment units.

In 2011 the property sold again to another local developer who renovated the entire property, modernizing and restoring the units to meet Little Rock’s demand for downtown housing.

Gracie Mansion's spiral staircase
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